Mother and Uncle Paul

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This is the kind of story that you couldn't help but share. Stumbled this weeks ago and I had it shared with Facebook, ello,...

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OK Go is expected to again hit the charts with the release of its second single, “I Won't Let You Down”. The said song...
Would Hurt Most

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Which would hurt you most, getting slapped by your Girlfriend in front of many people or getting slapped by many people?

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The uploader of this video on YouTube succinctly puts: “Everybody loves knockouts! Relive some of the nastiest KO's in MMA history.” But while everybody...
am Not Giving Up

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I am not giving up for the simple reason that I have already gone this far and not because I still have that length...

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You wouldn’t believe priests can become fast-footed when it comes to tap dancing. A recent video shot in April went viral after American priests...

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This is Ed Smith’s last alimony payment after his divorce with his wife last year. It was a relief for him knowing that it...
Follow Your Heart

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Always follow your heart but be sure to carry your brain all the time.