100 Mixed Martial Arts Knockouts In 3 Minutes Or Less

100 Mixed Martial Arts Knockouts In 3 Minutes Or Less

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The uploader of this video on YouTube succinctly puts: “Everybody loves knockouts! Relive some of the nastiest KO's in MMA history.” But while everybody loves MMA KO’s, seeing as many knockouts as this in less than 3 minutes will make you call this video brutally awesome! You’ll see here classic punches, elbows and kicks and if you are a solid MMA fan, you will surely call it “worth- watching”. Here’s the video:

True to its title, the 100-KOs-compilation is only 2 and a half minutes long. My office mates almost never believed me when I said they’re going to see as many as a hundred KO's in less than 3 minutes. They’re shouting “Ohh!!” a hundred times and ended up speechless with Silva’s classic kick! Everybody in the room loves the classic strikes of Anderson Silva which are featured at the end part of the video. I had a couple of pat in the back and they call it perfect vid!

This is indeed nicely edited video from UFC, PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce and other MMA combats. I would nevertheless say that the video is only for those who can bear to see as much beatings and action. The reactions on YouTube is varied. If I as you one last thing, how would you rate this video?


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