TD Bank in Canada made a special emotional marketing for its clients. The campaign has been labeled #TDThanksYou. Their “super” clients were pleasantly surprised to hear the ATM machine talk thanking them for patronizing the bank’s products and services. The ATM here became an automated thanking machine. More than 30,000 customers received 20-dollar bills but there are 20 carefully handpicked clients who received the biggest surprise of their life.

This emotional marketing is rarely thought of. They were asked by their bank adviser to try a new ATM machine and what happened next made their clients thank them more. To date, the video has generated over 8 million views and all 8M was wowed with what they saw. The money and the money equivalent of the surprises they have given may just be a mere drop in a vast ocean of wealth of TD Bank but the way of their giving back to their customers is just awesome!

TD’s name has just resounded after that campaign. This form of marketing, for me, is well thought of. This is an indirect way of telling clients that we are here and we care. This is pure genius. What do you guys think?


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