Friday, May 26, 2017

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It was August 19, 2004 when Google entered public offering at Nasdaq. Initial Public Offering (IPO) on per-share-basis was 85 Dollars. Many are trying to question how big Google Is and this infographic will tell give you a closer look at just how big is it really:

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The highlights above will only give you idea how big it has defined its success in 10 years. After its decade-long existence, Google’s stock price increased over 13 times from its initial public offer value. Investing with the company has been one of the most attractive investments thus far. To date, Google has over 58 Billion dollars in cash. What’s amazing is that it had 15.4 Billion-dollar revenue only in the first quarter of 2014.

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Zaire Ebola has recently stirred the world. It has resulted in a scare especially for people who are frequently travelling. As we speak Ebola has hit 90% mortality with no vaccination or cure available. It has spread in West Africa and has recorded more than 500 fatalities in its most recent outbreaks. But do we really need to panic? Below is an infographic from HelloMD providing a visual summary of Ebola virus:

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Depending on where you are, one dollar can have lesser or more value. It can fill your stomach with a full meal or could just be worth a cup of coffee. In the "global guide to getting the best bang for your buck" infographic of, one dollar can be little and a lot at the same time. It is more of a review on how valuable 1 dollar can be and this infographic below will give put you to a surprise:

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When we see people begging for money on the streets, they almost always seem invisible. Let’s accept it. That has been a fact proven by a long line of studies. There seems to be a barrier that separates us from these vagrants on the streets. The sad fact is, the barrier is invisible, unnoticed. Even if they are going to be replaced by any of our beloved member of the family, it is unlikely that we will get to look them in the eyes or recognize them.