Friday, May 26, 2017

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Another viral video which has racked up millions of views has been a source of most recent buzz in news websites and social media. It is being made to discover how boys aged 7 - 11 years old would respond when asked to slap a girl. They were first asked what they would want to become when they grow up and were then all introduced to a girl named Martina. All of them resisted when asked to slap the pretty little girl. Here's the video guys:

One boys succinctly stated that "Girls shouldn't be hit, not even with a flower." This only shows that these boys abhor violence against women and children, a really laudable virtue. This only vouch the fact that children even know how women should be treated. The video isn't just about men hitting women but it is about going against violence in general. They find violence despicable and I am happy how these little young boys were raised. I wish we've all been raised like this so domestic violence isn't going to exist at all.

A number of people who came to stumble the video find it sweet and touching. How do you find it? We look forward on hearing from you in the comment platform below.

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OK Go is expected to again hit the charts with the release of its second single, “I Won't Let You Down”. The said song is from its latest ‘Hungry Ghosts' album, OK Go’s fourth album which is now released. This video from this US rock band was more of balancing and synchronizing acts which is filmed using multi-copter drone which has a camera attached to it. The motorized unicycles which Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy are riding are Honda motorized scooter chairs.

As opined by many, the start may not have drawn much attention until the band went outside and gets joined by dancers choreographed by Airman and directed by Morihiro Harano, both of Japanese origin. The synchronized dancing from the aerial view is absolutely stunning. As the multi-copter drone flies higher, it captured the synchronized art from the colored umbrellas of the dancers on the ground.

The video, according to reports, was taken in one-shot but it took them a number of tries to put things into its right perspective. The last part had to be taken in parts because scooters are limited. People called this part as the most insane take and just mind-blowing. Filmed about half a mile away from the ground, the drone is responsible for the breathtaking movement art down below.

OK Go is expected to bring its future video illustrations to the next level. This has made them earn the viral-video-machine prestige for having created optical illusions and other creative music videos. They have so far been widely known for the unique concepts of their production team and their music which won’t truly make their fans down.

In viewing the video, what captivates you most? Is it the multi-copter drone? Is it the multi-colored umbrellas? Or the scooter chairs?

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The uploader of this video on YouTube succinctly puts: “Everybody loves knockouts! Relive some of the nastiest KO's in MMA history.” But while everybody loves MMA KO’s, seeing as many knockouts as this in less than 3 minutes will make you call this video brutally awesome! You’ll see here classic punches, elbows and kicks and if you are a solid MMA fan, you will surely call it “worth- watching”. Here’s the video:

True to its title, the 100-KOs-compilation is only 2 and a half minutes long. My office mates almost never believed me when I said they’re going to see as many as a hundred KO's in less than 3 minutes. They’re shouting “Ohh!!” a hundred times and ended up speechless with Silva’s classic kick! Everybody in the room loves the classic strikes of Anderson Silva which are featured at the end part of the video. I had a couple of pat in the back and they call it perfect vid!

This is indeed nicely edited video from UFC, PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce and other MMA combats. I would nevertheless say that the video is only for those who can bear to see as much beatings and action. The reactions on YouTube is varied. If I as you one last thing, how would you rate this video?

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You wouldn’t believe priests can become fast-footed when it comes to tap dancing. A recent video shot in April went viral after American priests Rev. David Rider and Rev. John Gibson had this dance-off in a fundraising event held in Vatican. Their routine has gotten a standing ovation from the audience which is composed mostly of priests, bishops and cardinals: The following vide shows how they battle with amazing footwork to excite the crowd:

This video has gained much prominence in YouTube and in social media platforms. It’s even said that it will have as much prominence as the video of Italian nun, Sr. Cristina Scuccia, who won from the last edition of “The Voice” and who earned a recording contract. The priest, according to reports, were from North American College, an elite school where Canadian and American seminarians study in the Vatican.

Rev. David has been an entertainer even before heading to the call for priesthood. While some call the routine disrespectful to the venue or to their vocation, the dancing priests called it showing of the joy of the Christ within them. Fr. David sees that his call and his dancing are closely intertwined and even consider the latter as an important part of his evangelization.

We at InsideBoxMag believe that God bestowed the tap and Irish dance talent to the priests for a reason. Priesthood, for us, is not something which should operate to inhibit them from showcasing what God has blessed upon them. It is not because they are priests that they should be inhibited from doing the tap or Irish dances. How about you? Do you think they should be faulted for showing their talent?

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This is Ed Smith’s last alimony payment after his divorce with his wife last year. It was a relief for him knowing that it is his last payment and he is going to be free at last. He’s been waiting for this moment and so he patiently waited for his turn in the counter. This day, for him, is filled with much excitement. In his words, Smith could not contain his feelings and even shouted ''Thank you Jesus, I'm free at last! Free at last! Whoo!”. The following video shows how Ed dances and wriggles all the way to the bank teller:

Ed is proudly showing his receipt of 9,900 dollars to other clients in the bank. He has bobbed up and down with happiness. Nobody expected him to lie on his back but he does more than that! He cackles, lies on his back, kicks his feet on the air and continues to wiggle through the end of the video. It was a dance of celebration and although not everyone making their last alimony payment could do just like that, we are sure that Ed’s feeling is not foreign for people making their last alimony payment.

According to reports, he’s been paying his wife 825 dollars each month and promised to give 500 dollars a month for the next 12-month period. This may not be so much for an insurance agent like Ed but this will really prove helpful for the living expenses of his ex-wife. At 54, Smith still has hope of finding the love of his life and even if he has bowed at the end of this viral video, he still promises to show another break dance in the future.