It was Friday morning when rocket attacks resumed between Hamas and Israel. They have just ended the ceasefire and they are again exchanging bullets and rockets. A little over a month ago, the war broke and it left 60 fatalities on the side of Israel and over 1,800 on the Palestinian side. As rockets again fly, US also made a counter attack in Iraq against militants under ISIS. They let loose their F/A-18 jets and bombs shook Iraqi soil once again.

To date, there are 10 countries across the globe which are currently at war. While there are active military conflicts in many parts of the globe, they cannot qualify with the definition of war in that the latter term is understood as on-going arm, violent conflict which results in death of thousands within a year. As our staff writes this post, most people only know wars in Palestine, Iraq and Ukraine. The truth is there are 7 more and the list includes Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Libya, and Nigeria.

The Misconception

People are made to believe that the tail end of war is peace but this is not certainly right. If war is ended, all that is ended is the war itself and peace is not created. There is no peace because we cannot turn our eyes away from grief. There isn’t any peace after hostilities are ended. The confusion still exist in the mind and as long as people continue watering grief from loss and destruction, war doesn’t cease to exist. To be at peace, one must pursue peace. It is about putting anger, fear and resentment to stop. It is not about seeking vengeance in the guise of pursuit for peace.

Wake up Call

Leaders and people should remind themselves that as war continues to ignite, more and more innocent lives will be sacrificed. The most vulnerable are the children. Instead of leaving them a legacy of peaceful resolution of conflicts, we are instilling in them that it is okay to wage war. Instead of allowing them to live a normal life, what they see is chaos and destruction. They run for their lives each day and hatred develops. Let us help end this and let us share this to show we are are against these wars.

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