You wouldn’t believe priests can become fast-footed when it comes to tap dancing. A recent video shot in April went viral after American priests Rev. David Rider and Rev. John Gibson had this dance-off in a fundraising event held in Vatican. Their routine has gotten a standing ovation from the audience which is composed mostly of priests, bishops and cardinals: The following vide shows how they battle with amazing footwork to excite the crowd:

This video has gained much prominence in YouTube and in social media platforms. It’s even said that it will have as much prominence as the video of Italian nun, Sr. Cristina Scuccia, who won from the last edition of “The Voice” and who earned a recording contract. The priest, according to reports, were from North American College, an elite school where Canadian and American seminarians study in the Vatican.

Rev. David has been an entertainer even before heading to the call for priesthood. While some call the routine disrespectful to the venue or to their vocation, the dancing priests called it showing of the joy of the Christ within them. Fr. David sees that his call and his dancing are closely intertwined and even consider the latter as an important part of his evangelization.

We at InsideBoxMag believe that God bestowed the tap and Irish dance talent to the priests for a reason. Priesthood, for us, is not something which should operate to inhibit them from showcasing what God has blessed upon them. It is not because they are priests that they should be inhibited from doing the tap or Irish dances. How about you? Do you think they should be faulted for showing their talent?


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