Ebola Facts In A Small Infographic

Ebola Facts In A Small Infographic

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Zaire Ebola has recently stirred the world. It has resulted in a scare especially for people who are frequently travelling. As we speak Ebola has hit 90% mortality with no vaccination or cure available. It has spread in West Africa and has recorded more than 500 fatalities in its most recent outbreaks. But do we really need to panic? Below is an infographic from HelloMD providing a visual summary of Ebola virus:

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As you can see, Ebola may be characterized as highly-contagious but as long as you don’t get actual contact to the person which have symptoms of Ebola, the likelihood of having it is very slim. Thanks to this infographic, we now know how the virus evolved and what do with people who have been tested positive with Ebola.

You too can help in educating the rest of the world on Ebola virus. Help us share this infographic and your effort will go a long way to helping educate others.


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