OK Go’s Latest Video Features Honda Motorized Scooter Chairs

OK Go’s Latest Video Features Honda Motorized Scooter Chairs

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OK Go is expected to again hit the charts with the release of its second single, “I Won't Let You Down”. The said song is from its latest ‘Hungry Ghosts' album, OK Go’s fourth album which is now released. This video from this US rock band was more of balancing and synchronizing acts which is filmed using multi-copter drone which has a camera attached to it. The motorized unicycles which Damian, Tim, Dan and Andy are riding are Honda motorized scooter chairs.

As opined by many, the start may not have drawn much attention until the band went outside and gets joined by dancers choreographed by Airman and directed by Morihiro Harano, both of Japanese origin. The synchronized dancing from the aerial view is absolutely stunning. As the multi-copter drone flies higher, it captured the synchronized art from the colored umbrellas of the dancers on the ground.

The video, according to reports, was taken in one-shot but it took them a number of tries to put things into its right perspective. The last part had to be taken in parts because scooters are limited. People called this part as the most insane take and just mind-blowing. Filmed about half a mile away from the ground, the drone is responsible for the breathtaking movement art down below.

OK Go is expected to bring its future video illustrations to the next level. This has made them earn the viral-video-machine prestige for having created optical illusions and other creative music videos. They have so far been widely known for the unique concepts of their production team and their music which won’t truly make their fans down.

In viewing the video, what captivates you most? Is it the multi-copter drone? Is it the multi-colored umbrellas? Or the scooter chairs?


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