The developer’s son admitted that the app is a very good idea except for him. It’s funny for him to say that and as expected, more and more young people like him will not find it appealing. Children frown upon the idea of getting bugged with calls from their parents. Some of them just ignore them or filter their calls when going out with friends. But parents very much concerned about safety and even with just one missed call, they’ll panic.

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One mother from Texas in the name of Sharon Standifird had an idea about developing an application that will put to end any attempt to ignore or filter calls. She perfected an idea of forcing her son to remember how important her call is or else his smartphone gets locked. The app is called “Ignore No More“ and what it does is to make a link between a child’s phone and that of his parents. Once the child ignores the call or the text messages, the phone will not work until his parents give him the password that could unlock it.

Sharon has partnered with Mountaineer Technology Ventures and became an instant entrepreneur. She got inspired with how technologies made huge impact into the lives of people. With the development of the app, ordinary people like her will put their mobile devices in more meaningful ways. The app seeks to maintain an open parent-child communication and not to deter flourishing relationships.

What happens if the child uninstalls the app? The android phone will completely hang if there is an attempt to uninstall the app. The parents will also be notified when this happens and the child will be known for his attempt to cheat. The app is now available on Google Play Store at the price of $1.99. This, without a doubt, is a high-tech solution that can make your child “ignore no more”.

For more information about the app, you can visit their FAQ here.



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