Divorced Man Makes His Last Alimony Payment And Wiggles His Celebratory Dance

Divorced Man Makes His Last Alimony Payment And Wiggles His Celebratory Dance

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This is Ed Smith’s last alimony payment after his divorce with his wife last year. It was a relief for him knowing that it is his last payment and he is going to be free at last. He’s been waiting for this moment and so he patiently waited for his turn in the counter. This day, for him, is filled with much excitement. In his words, Smith could not contain his feelings and even shouted ''Thank you Jesus, I'm free at last! Free at last! Whoo!”. The following video shows how Ed dances and wriggles all the way to the bank teller:

Ed is proudly showing his receipt of 9,900 dollars to other clients in the bank. He has bobbed up and down with happiness. Nobody expected him to lie on his back but he does more than that! He cackles, lies on his back, kicks his feet on the air and continues to wiggle through the end of the video. It was a dance of celebration and although not everyone making their last alimony payment could do just like that, we are sure that Ed’s feeling is not foreign for people making their last alimony payment.

According to reports, he’s been paying his wife 825 dollars each month and promised to give 500 dollars a month for the next 12-month period. This may not be so much for an insurance agent like Ed but this will really prove helpful for the living expenses of his ex-wife. At 54, Smith still has hope of finding the love of his life and even if he has bowed at the end of this viral video, he still promises to show another break dance in the future.


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