Follow Your Heart

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Always follow your heart but be sure to carry your brain all the time.
Black Kuro Burger

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Black is beautiful and now, it’s delicious too. From its garlic sauce made from squid ink, bun, pepper, slices of cheese, Burger King in...
Google Play Store's Ignore No More App

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The developer’s son admitted that the app is a very good idea except for him. It’s funny for him to say that and as...

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Call it cool but crazy. Looking up while standing causes change in one’s balance but Daniel Lau did just what most people wouldn’t dare...
Rocks Move Across Death Valley

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It took them months of research and experimentation. The wanted to know the reason why rocks move across the Death Valley. Researchers admit that...
Selfie Capital In The World

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In Time’s “Selfiest Cities in the World”, Time Magazine ranks Makati City and Pasig City in the Philippines as selfie capitals of the world...
Tornado Selfievideo

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More and more people are taking extreme selfies nowadays. Some do it for fun and others do it for thrill. This man just did...
Inside Box Mag

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Don't ever try to be like the world you don't want to see.