Passengers Tilt Train to Free A Trapped Man

Passengers Tilt Train to Free A Trapped Man

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You probably won’t believe the strength of dozens of willing bodies here. Passengers and staff at Stirling station near Perth, Western Australia showed that there is indeed strength in unity in an attempt to save a man named Andy who was trapped between the platform and the train. Andy slipped and his left leg wedged in the gap. What saved him was the quick thinking of immediately alerting the driver to stop the train from moving.

Their first attempt was to move on the other side of the train in an effort to shift the weight and free Andy but it just didn't work. The staff then urged the passengers to help Andy by pushing against the wall of the train and tilt it a little. With the mighty power of the people, the commuters gathered enough force to move the train so the foot could be freed.

There is indeed a lesson to learn here. We are continuously given warnings about the space between the train and its platform. Signs are also conspicuously posted reminding us to watch out as we step on or step off. The problem we usually have is that we are busy with the many distractions and forget the importance of safety while commuting. The simplest mistake can cost us a limb or worse, our life.

I hope this will become a wake up call for everyone. Andy has just given his message thanking his fellow commuters for the help they have given him. Some may have arrived at their work late but they have help Andy walk away from the scene free from harm. This is such an inspiration and I hope we all learn from the obvious lesson it seeks to convey.

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